September/October is often a busy time for Apple product releases. We have a sneak preview of what might come, back at WWDC (Apple’s Worldwide developers conference) in June. The rumours will then start as people dig into the Beta’s of the OS’s that Apple releases.

September is now approaching fast, and the 1st event has been announced, so the wait is over.

What does this have to do with small businesses?

If you are small business who uses Apple products for your work, the question is what is the best way to buy your equipment?

The businesses we work with we encourage our clients to setup an Apple Business Account with our local Apple Business Team at The Oracle, rather than just walk into any shop selling Apple devices.

What are the benefits of an Apple Business Account?

  • An Apple Business Account – This is a free account with Apple Business to manage all your business needs directly through Apple.
  • An Account Manager – To offer advice, price quotes, ordering and providing access to other Apple services.
  • Customised Web Portal – This will be linked to your account with 24-hour access for purchasing and invoice retrieval. (Subject to approval and terms)
  • Extended Payment Time – With a net 30-day credit line. (Subject to approval and terms)
  • Expanded Payment Options – Credit Card, BACS, CHAPS and Direct Debit.
  • Leasing Arrangement – Spread the cost with business leasing options. (Subject to approval and terms)
  • Device Management Software – Extremely beneficial when managing a large amount of company devices. (Devices bought outside of Apple Business are harder to manage)
  • Personalised QR Code – This QR code can be added to your Apple Wallet and you can use it when you visit the Apple Store when making a purchase.

The main benefit is the Apple Business team can work with you (including financially) to get the devices you need for your business, and you are dealing directly with Apple, not a middle person.

You can hunt around the internet for discounts, old stock and grey imports to try and save money which all takes time or take the option that ensures you and your business gets the best support from Apple to help you succeed.