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Whether you’re a small business without any IT support, or a school that has an IT team that is unfamiliar with Apple Macs. We can provide a solution to support your needs.

We understand the IT needs of our business customers.


Many small businesses have no IT support in-house, and we understand that you rely on our consultation for the correct products to purchase. Once we have guided you through the purchasing stage, we are here to help set-up and install your new products. We can set-up your Mac workstations with almost any software made for Mac OS, and make sure they are connected to any required printers and scanners. We are always here to assist once the installation has been completed, whether you need training or support.


We can help integrate your macs into your network, setting up network storage, backup solutions, security management and we can provide a managed service to help keep the equipment up to date. We offer this service through onsite and remote support, allowing us to respond quickly to your issues.

Daylite Partner

Daylite offers our customers the opportunity to be a look great in front of your clients. Daylite is the most powerful small business customer relationship management (CRM) for Mac, iPhone & iPad. Daylite will help you stay on top of follow-ups, organize communication with leads and clients, track deals, and organize all the moving pieces of your business – all in one place.

This is just one of the services we can offer to help your small business.


Here are some of the critical services we can help you with

Peace of Mind +

Our managed support service looks after your macOS and iOS devices on your behalf. We take care of all software updates, we monitor your systems for you to ensure backups are up to date & predict most issues before you notice them. This service ensures you never have to worry if your devices are vulnerable to attack or at risk of failure.

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Mac Deployment

We can help you deploy Macs to your workplace, utilizing Apple Business Manager. We can manage those devices using pre-agreed policies to keep them up to date and ensure sensitive company information remains secure. We can remotely enforce passcodes, encryption and even lock or wipe devices.

App Deployment

We can help you buy Apps and Books in bulk from the App Store and give users the resources and tools they need to improve productivity and get more out of their technology, whilst your business still remains the owner of the licensed content. If an employee leaves you can re-use these licenses with other staff.

Apple Hardware Upgrades

We can help spec and obtain all your new hardware upgrades and purchases through the local Apple Business teams.


macOS Support

We can provide support and upgrade help with your macOS issues. This can be any form of help. For example your Wi-fi or network access is intermittent, your macs are under performing or your email server is not responding.

iOS Support

Problems with your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, for example syncing issues. We can even help you remotely with your iOS devices.

Wi-Fi & Networks

We provide a design, diagnostic and deployment service for small business needs to ensure that your networking and internet service meets your company requirements. Through our internet partner Zen internet, we can arrange a reliable and appropriate connection for your business. We will also be able to monitor this connection for faults allowing us to help you resolve connection issues should they occur.


Digital Document Signing

We know the importance of digital contracts and having the ability to get documents signed quickly and electronically. We can help you setup a digital signing process using SignEasy for your business to get your contracts and forms distributed and signed quickly, ready for filing. This service is built for Apple devices and integrates with Daylite CRM.


Network Attached Storage

As a Synology System Integrator, we trust Synology as a manufacturer of reliable and feature rich NAS servers. Their extensive product range gives flexibility to meeting your storage demands. Synology NAS servers give the reliability and speed of a RAID system. The DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system is a good alternative to expensive servers.


We can provide solutions to ensure you never lose any data if the worst should happen and you have a software or hardware failure. We can consult on backup-best-practices so that your data is backed up to multiple locations and taken off site in case of fire or theft. We also offer a disaster-proof backup solution with ioSafe data storage solutions.

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