Internet Down

Green Street Cabinet

Green street cabinet knocked over

Connectivity is essential for every business, large or small. Being able to respond quickly to queries, answer questions, Zoom & Teams calls, solve problems and generally support your customers are all business fundamentals.

What happens when your broadband goes down?

How long can your business go without internet connectivity before it starts to impact your business?

Most companies will experience drops in their internet connection during a week, as they are sharing the same infrastructure with home users and other businesses. Business broadband contracts offer more support and better SLAs for your connection but what happens if there is major failure of the Openreach infrastructure or Fibre supplier?

This week at Woodward IT we had just this situation occur to us. A driver managed to drive into the Green Street Cabinet, which houses all the equipment to allow all broadband providers to supply their connection to your house and business. Openreach came to inspect and due to the damage (the cabinet was completely ripped out of the ground), the only option they had was to disconnect everything. A new cabinet was ordered but the whole area was going to be a minimum of 1 week without internet. As an IT company who relies heavily (1TB of data a month) on the internet to support our customers this was potentially a disaster and would cost us a lot in lost business.

However, as we pride ourselves on using what we sell to our customers we had in place an LTE Failover.LTE failover system with Unifi equipment This mean that within 20 seconds of our main internet connection failing, our whole office switched over to our alternative connection supplied by Mobile technology. Yes, the speed is not as fast as our main connection, but we are still able to continue our daily work, without having to re-configure all of our equipment for a MIFi device, which are not always design to support a whole office of users.

Post pandemic, businesses increasingly are becoming more reliant on the Internet and Wi-Fi in their office.

Does your company have in place the technology to support this change and protect you from unexpected situations like complete loss of Internet connection?


If your small business is having issues with Wi-Fi (e.g., poor Zoom calls or poor roaming of devices) or is interested in protecting yourself from such disasters, we are more than happy to look at your technology and advise what we can do for you.


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