Privacy Overview

Woodward IT is a Sole Trading company of Rolf Woodward.
Woodward IT does not at any time collect any information about our clients to sell or pass onto any other parties. Any information we have collected is for the purpose of undertaking support work for our clients and is securely stored under encryption.
Upon written request you have the right to ask us to delete all information that we hold, and we shall do so without any questions.
Should we have a data breach we shall inform all customers directly of the situation and advise them of what data may have been acquired by the breach.
We utilise a number of company’s software to undertake our work. These companies have been properly vetted by us and adhere to strict data protection laws. We continue to monitor them and should any breach of their systems affect your privacy we shall immediately cease using their services and delete the data.

Privacy is very important to us and we will ensure to the best of our ability that your privacy is kept as a client of ours.

Monitoring Software:

If we provide Monitoring of your systems we will be use Watchman Monitoring Software.

The Watchman Monitoring software is designed to provide best-in-class issue detection with minimal access to end-users’ personal data.
The following information is gathered about a computer:
• Upon installation, a random ID is generated and used to identify status reports.
• An arbitrary “Group” is assigned by the subscriber, for use in sorting reports.
• The computer’s serial number is also used for sorting reports.
• The name of the computer, visible in:
o Sharing PreferencePane (Mac), System Control Panel (Windows), Hostname (Linux)
• The ‘short name’ of the user who last logged into the computer
In some cases, the email address associated with online backup systems will be reported. This can be disabled by a computer administrator, however the status of that online backup would not be reported.
Watchman Monitoring does not track the following types of information:
• The agent does not track screen or keyboard activity
• The agent does not inspect browser history, or other similar user actions.
• The agent does not read inside user-created data (no pdf, png, doc, etc)
• The agent does not send raw logs, instead it only sends test results
• Computer’s physical location is not readily available*
In cases where a computer is considered stolen or missing, administrators can request a one-time notification of the reporting IP address.
Watchman Monitoring is not a computer management system.
• The agent uses read-only commands to perform its duties.
• Issues are reported to the IT professional responsible for the computer.