Residential Customers

We work with most technology for home users, from Wi-Fi & Router installation, Google Home, Amazon Alexa/Ring Doorbells through to Hive Heating and Nest setup, so do give us a call if you need help with your home technologies.

We are passionate about Apple products and making sure they integrate seamlessly in your home.

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Here are some of the critical services we can help you with.

Peace of Mind +

Our managed support service looks after your macOS and iOS devices on your behalf. We take care of all software updates, we monitor your systems for you to ensure backups are up to date & predict most issues before you notice them. This service ensures you never have to worry if your devices are vulnerable to attack or at risk of failure.

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macOS Support

We can provide support and upgrade help with your macOS issues. This can be any form of help. For example your Wi-fi or network access is intermittent, your macs are under performing or your email server is not responding.

iOS Support

Problems with your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, for example syncing issues. We can even help you remotely with your iOS devices.

Hardware Upgrades

Have a 2009 – 2013 iMac that is running slow with macOS Sierra (10.12). We can backup and install an SSD drive that will make it work like a newer iMac.

Apple Home Pods & Sonos

We can supply and setup your home so you can have complete multi-room music and audio around your house from Apple Music or Spotify. Including an intercom to call you kids upstairs. Or perhaps you want a versatile surround system for your TV and entertainment? We can build this for you.

Parental Controls

Want to give your kids an iPhones, iPads or Apple Watches, but not sure how to stop them playing inappropriate games from the App Store or making sure they are not using them too late at night. We can set their devices up, so that you can rest easy. All through Family sharing, so you can approve the apps and locate their devices.

Data Migration

Switching from Windows to Mac can be daunting. We can help you migrate all your data and ensure it is in the right place on your new Mac.

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